Running (with) A Fever

4:30 a.m. My alarm goes off, but I was already awake. While it was beeping, I tried to recollect how many hours, if any, I slept. All night I was flipping around under my covers, convinced I was either freezing to the core from blasts of icy wind penetrating from the corners of my blanket, […]

Run this route this week! Tianmu Trail.

Hill work sucks. I mean really sucks. But it makes you fast. I mean really fast.  This route is only 3.75 km each direction (as well as , and can easily be done early in the morning before your friends wake up. It’s a lot of stairs. Your legs will scream, tomorrow they will ache. […]

I guess you’re just what I needed.

Stories are like good food. If they’re really good and rich, you can count on them deteriorating slowly, until there is not much left behind. Writing about my races and hikes is like freeze-drying my story, so I can open it up years from now and enjoy it again. I started typing up race reports […]

O Valencia!

Cars beeped at me as they blew by my red-lining scooter. I was driving down the highway on the margin somewhere north of Valenica in my running clothes, checking my watch over and over. I had my black shorts on, covered in jeans, and noticed that the Timbers jersey I was wearing was proudly displaying the […]

Heat stroke is no joke.

I held off writing this one until I could collect my thoughts about it. My feelings on this race flip around between disappointment, pride and shame. I keep flip-flopping about how I feel, because I can’t think of much that I could have done to have changed the outcome. Maybe more carbs to boost my […]

How to suck at racing.

National Geographic’s 12.5 km race from C.K. Memorial Hall, north outside of the city, then back to the historic monument was designed as a charity event to promote the use of sustainable agriculture in Taiwan. It’s a fantastic cause, and it’s why we were there. Sort of. It’s why a lot people are there. Some […]

Misty Mountain Hop

My alarm went off at 5 am, but I was already awake. The rain kept me up. The sound of heavy rain usually knocks me out cold. I remember when I was a kid in the summer, I would open my window during thunderstorms, letting rain splash through the screen, just so I could listen […]

Asian Hospitality 2

Tuesdays are awesome. Ali and I both happen to have the day off from our respective schools, so we designate this day to get out of the city and do some exploring. I packed my camera equipment into my hiking bag and we set off early in the morning. The plan was, we would take […]

Asian hospitality 1

When I got the job offer to come here, I had an extensive 20-minute blog search to discover where it was and what it’s like here. Mainly I wanted to see what the people are like, so I did a google search for “blog ‘Taiwanese people are’” and watched the results… Nomadic Matt calls the Taiwanese […]