Pace like Laney – How the Pros Run

When we saw that Luis Alberto Hernando, second place finisher of the 2015 Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc–the unarguable epicenter of trail running–scratched from this year’s UTMB race, my eyes turned to the Americans. This year, three strong runners in the men’s category were all representing USA. It was a race that took turn after […]

Sticking to the plan.

Every runner has seen them. Beginner’s marathon plans. Couch to 5k. Sub 3:00 marathon plans. 50 and 100k plans. 16-week, 32-week, couch to 100-mile plans. Okay, maybe not that one. But since you run, you probably know someone who is ticking days off their calendar for months leading up to a single race and saying […]

But it’s too hot to run today!

July is nearly over and August is upon us. Two things are going to happen that runners here in Taiwan love: The first is the increase in glorious races available to us. The second is a glorious drop in temperature. There is a correlation between these two. Many race directors don’t want to plan a […]

Beast Trail 2016

This is Chen.   I got a problem with Chen. That doesn’t mean I don’t like him. In fact, I think he’s great. I just have an issue with how he runs; specifically with how it is very similar to how I run. Taiwan isn’t huge, so if you’re in the trail running scene, you’re […]

Anything can happen

Really, dude? You’re going with a cliche like that? Hear me out… 50 kilometers with 2700 meters of vertical up steep mountains. That’s roughly 31 miles. 66,000 steps, depending on your stride. Six hours of running and climbing. Five aid stations to refill over a liter of water at each one. 5500 calories burnt that […]

Ultramarathoner part 2

Are you scared? I don’t think so. Why, should I be? I don’t know. Maybe you will be when you are about to start. I think I’ll be excited. The race itself is just the last step in such a long journey. I got this question a few times. As I mentioned in the last […]

Ultramarathoner, part 1.

ul·tra·mar·a·thon·er: \ˈʌltrəmarəθ(ə)nnər\ n. – a person who participates in ultramarathons, or footraces that are longer than a standard marathon. When running comes up in conversation, the same question inevitably arises. Its the crux of running, and yes, all of your running friends are sick of hearing it… “So, you run marathons?” Well… no. I’ve done […]

Run Through The Jungle 34k

We had runners representing 18 countries for Run Through The Jungle on Sunday 2/28 taking on the beast of a 34k with over 2500m of climbing. One of which was the professional runner, race organizer, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji top finisher and ambassador of Patagonia as well as a […]

Freezing at the Sun Moon Lake 29k

I can start typing this now, as my fingers have stopped shaking. Sun Moon Lake (日月潭) held their annual iconic 29k run and was treated to some interesting weather this year. It’s a well known semi-destination race circling one of the serene lakes you will ever see. The rolling, pristine hills surrounding the silent lake […]