Arbitrary Numbers

“Well, that’s dumb,” I said to Lizzie, my then-girlfriend, while I traced the course map of the Tarawera Ultramarathon with my mouse cursor. “Look. They have a perfectly good 87k course, but in order to make it more than 100k, they have it go off on this big loop through forestry roads, then come back.” […]

It’s planning season!

The temperature has dropped. The eggnog is warm. Time to reflect on your fantastic year of running and start getting ready for next year. This is where I find myself scrolling through race websites, flipping back and forth between my calendar trying to plan my races and travel to get the most I can out […]

2016 – A Year In Review

I’m writing this while I come to terms that I will be scratching the Taipei Marathon. My biggest goal for the year, set sometime in June, was to have a break-out marathon. I ran plenty of races, but my nightly rituals on the riverside revolved around this idea of a sub-3-hour marathon. Now, with my […]

Finding your tempo

There is no big secret to running faster, and it can’t be done easily. Eat well. Get good gear. Build muscle to sprint quicker and create those fast-twitch muscles. Study your stride to get good form and energy economy. Cross train to build cardio to deliver oxygen to your muscles faster. These are all essential, […]

Vietnam Mountain Marathon

I have one of those awesome skills where I wake up 5 minutes before my alarm goes off, no matter what time I set it. I have no idea how it works. So when I set my phone for 3 A.M. after dinner and crawled into my tent with Xavier, I knew it was just […]

I don’t always get second.

Hey it’s Cory. Mister Second Place! Oh crap, not this again. I have a problem: Ultra Trail Yilan I got 2nd place behind Petr. Explore Your Backyard I got 2nd place behind Chen. Hill Runner 550 I got 2nd place behind some Chinese guy. Pinglin Ultra Marathon I got 2nd alongside my good friend, Rob. […]

Pace like Laney – How the Pros Run

When we saw that Luis Alberto Hernando, second place finisher of the 2015 Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc–the unarguable epicenter of trail running–scratched from this year’s UTMB race, my eyes turned to the Americans. This year, three strong runners in the men’s category were all representing USA. It was a race that took turn after […]