Run this route this week! Tianmu Trail.

Hill work sucks.

I mean really sucks.

But it makes you fast.

I mean really fast. 

This route is only 3.75 km each direction (as well as , and can easily be done early in the morning before your friends wake up. It’s a lot of stairs. Your legs will scream, tomorrow they will ache. And that’s a good thing. The trailhead is in Tianmu and I recommend taking the 601 north from Shipai station toward 華中河濱公園, to the terminal station. From there, you walk directly north until you reach the trailhead for Tianmu Old Trail. There are signs all over for the trailhead, as it is a very popular route due to the monkeys at the top, and it’s easy access into Yangmingshan.

Look for the blue and orange Taipei Running trail marker at the trailhead.

What we recommend:

Follow the stairs up and up and up following a gurgling water pipe on your left. Keep an eye out for formosan macaques, which are all over this area. They won’t give you a second look, as they are all pretty well adjusted to seeing hikers.


Take some breaks if you need to. Walk a bit, catch your breath, keep at it. Soon enough, the trail will level out to be nice and flat. Here you can turn on the jets and get some serious speed. Again, watch out for monkeys.

The hill will climb one more time as you reach the road. Turn right, toward the Chinese Culture University and then, lo and behold, there is another hill up. Climb this, either by walking, powerhiking, or if you feel like a total badass, run it, until you reach the university and turn left toward the main intersection.


From here, you can call it quits and take the Red 5 bus back to Shilin station, or you can stop at the Family Mart just off to your right, grab a drink, and head back down. I mean come on, down is the easy part. You can do it.

Turn around and head back the way you came. You can use the first hill through the University as some downhill speed work, catch the trail, enjoy the soft rolling hill, then come to the staircase again.

Along the way, don’t forget to look right and enjoy the view of the farms, and into Shilin on a clear day.

Take those stairs two at a time and it won’t take you longer than 15 minutes to reach the bottom. From here, follow the way you came out to the bus stop. Or, since you’re a total badass and you totally deserve it, keep running south along Zhongshan East Road 2 more km and get some frozen yogurt at Yoppi.


We will be running this route on 8/32.

Meet at Shipai Station at 7 am. Bring water (at least 2L on something that is comfortable to run on) and good shoes. We should be done by noon, but please pack food in case we are on the trail for longer. We will stop for water at the city center, then get lunch after.

Here is a link to the route.

We hope to see you soon!

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