When you are herded through bib pickup and the expo at Boston Marathon, the staff do not say “good luck,” they say “congratulations.” At one point, I even asked “for what?” It’s because to many runners, Boston is the holy grail of marathons. It is the only major marathon in the world where runners must […]

Hong Kong 100

The 2019 Hong Kong 100 was packed with amazing stories. You’ll find headlines like: Lu Yangchun wins women’s race at her first 100km without training HK100 favourite Tom Evans’ life changed after a beer-fuelled bet As well, you’ll see headlines of Shen Jia Sheng who at the age of 24, ran his first 100k earlier […]

Formosa Trail 104k

This photo is one of my favorites. It’s 2016 and I just finished the Formosa Trail 65k. If you can’t tell from that smile on my face, getting first place feels pretty damn good. Unfortunately, miscommunication that year led to double-booking of the awards ceremony for the 65k runners, which resulted in confusion and ultimately […]

Medals, Marsupials and Memories – Australia

       “In 300 meetahs, yowur destination is on tha left”. For this race report, I decided to try something new, having intermittent short videos to watch along the way. Our campervan–lovingly dubbed ‘The Millennial Falcon’–groaned to climb the hills in Springbrook National Park, deep in The Great Australian Divide mountain range. Tomorrow morning […]

Wings For Life – Round 2

The whole world is running at the same time. Across 6 continents, whatever the weather. Night or day. Across mountains and valleys. Across coastlines and through cities. Running at an event or using the app. Alone or with friends. Until the catcher car catches every last person. All for one great cause: spinal cord injury […]